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We'd Like You to Meet the Team

Rockin’ Raccoon is organized by a passionate group of cyclists who wanted to give back. Here’s a look at the Raccoons who have been hard at work to make this day amazing:


Bart Egnal Biking.jpeg

Bart Egnal


Bart has been racing bikes - slowly — for a decade, and in 2021 decided it was time to combine his love of bikes with giving back. He called up people who knew how to make a great bike event and the Rockin’ Raccoon was born. As a father of three Bart wanted to make sure the event was a ride that brought family and friends together in a day that built community. When he’s not on two wheels Bart is CEO of The Humphrey Group and Chairman of the Niagara Institute.

Andrew Randell Biking.webp

Andrew Randell 


Andrew is the founder of Sans Chaine Cycling, where he helps athletes build cycling prowess while building community. He’s achieved a few things in his cycling career like racing professionally for SpiderTech, winning the Canadian National Road Race Championship and more recently (and most prestigiously), a master’s gravel racing event in Ontario. Andrew’s commitment to making riding fun makes him the ideal person to head up our Ride Ambassador group, which is tasked with turning the Rockin’ Raccoon into a ride everyone loves.

Geoff Morgan Temproary.jpeg

Geoff Morgan


A former road racer, Geoff claims he has seen the light and now is a passionate gravel and mountain bike rider. He spends as much time as he can off-road and probably has ridden every trail Toronto’s Don Valley has to offer. When he’s not bombing trails he heads up Marketing for Intuit, an accounting software company. Geoff is combining his expertise with his passion for social change as the Rockin’ Raccoon’s head of PR. 

Holly Rockin Raccoon.jpeg

Holly Clarke


A reformed sailor who now understands that bikes are better than boats, and gravel is better than water, Holly races for the Toronto Hustle women’s team. When she’s not a cycling superhero Holly works to help charities and not-for-profits serve their donors, giving her expertise in fundraising and charitable giving that are instrumental to making sure we maximizes every dollar we can raise in support of Daily Bread. As a savvy social media maven, Holly has graciously taken up the challenge of spreading the word about this event to the thousands of raccoons who will want to come out.


Blank Profile Pic.png

Dan Marshall


Dan has been organizing gravel and mountain bike events his whole life. When he realized he enjoyed it much more than doing a real job he wizened up and made it his real job; for the last several years his Substance Project series of mountain bike and gravel events have become “must ride” experiences on the Ontario biking calendar. When it comes to the Rockin’ Raccoon, Dan is in “every trash can”. He’s found the venue, planned the routes, put the signage up, taken out the insurance and even pumped up the tires. Well, maybe not that last bit, but you get the picture. 

Sacha Michna Temporary.jpeg

Sacha Michna


Despite having never really ridden a gravel bike, and having little understanding of the difference between high and low tire pressure, Sacha brings invaluable leadership to the Rockin’ Raccoon. His passion for Daily Bread’s mission has enabled the event to be connected to a cause that everyone in the GTA can feel good about supporting. He also represents the voice of the casual rider, who makes sure that this day is for anyone who wants to have fun on bikes… whether they inflate their tires to 20psi or 40psi. 

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