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Every ride should be amazing. This ride is about having a great community experience in support of a great cause.


The goal is to ride with like-minded people in a non-race environment. Each distance will offer a different experience.


I’ll be leading the 100km and we’ll try to stick together until the end where we’ll have a little fun. Our ride leaders in the 50km and the 20km will be there to keep the vibe fun and positive.


I hope you’ll enjoy not only the ride but the many people you’ll ride with. And we’ll all get together at the end to celebrate a great day on the bike.

Andrew Randell 


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bike should I use?

For the 50km or the 100km we highly recommend a gravel bike with minimum 35mm tires. For the 20km ride, which is oriented to families, you can ride on pretty much anything except a skinny tire road bike!

What kind of support can I count on?

We want to make sure you have a great ride! We will have feed stations at the start/finish (which you may end up riding through during your route) and for some routes along the course. We will also have Ride Ambassadors for each route to provide encouragement and moral support! And of course, first aid both at the start/finish and mobile first aid if you need it. You should bring equipment to change a flat, but if you need it we also will have a few support vehicles who can help you in a crisis.

What is my entry fee used for? Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

The team at Rockin’ Raccoon is committed to full transparency on the financials.


When you enter, your entry fee of $100 covers all operations. Your donation of $50 or more will go to Daily Bread and you will receive a tax receipt. While we are planning to operate without financial sponsorship, we do hope to have like-minded organizations get onboard with what we’re doing. As we speak with potential sponsors, our goal is to have them lower the cost of the event so that some (or who knows, all) of that $100 can go to the charity, resulting in a greater impact.

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